BASVULK, Bulgaria, has set up a new structure specifically to train customers.

VIPAL Rubber, a leader in Latin America and one of the world's leading manufacturers of tyre repairing and retreading products, is pleased to celebrate the victories and advances of its partners. Therefore, VIPAL is celebrating the recent inauguration of the new training center of BASVULK, in the city of Kyustendil, Bulgaria.

СWith the aim of improving the knowledge of its customers, BASVULK offers training opportunities to those who seek excellence and the correct application of materials during the repairing process. For this, customized workshops with lectures and hands on exercises have been offered by BASVULK. Thereafter, the need arose to expand it into a new space, specifically suited to these activities so that the trainings are performed with due attention by BASVULK.

According to Mr. Stoyan Gogov, BASVULK´s owner, these moments are always of great importance because they show, in practice, how the process is applied. "Opportunities like these are important not only because they serve to clarify the doubts of customers, but it also shows the quality of the products and improve the industry as a whole," he says.


For VIPAL, present in 90 countries in four continents, the initiative taken by BASVULK only shows the importance of having partners in the most diverse regions of the world. Frederico Schmidt, General Manager of VIPAL Europe, adds that VIPAL is very concerned about the choices of trading partners. "Initiatives such as this demonstrate the commitment of our partners to quality and reinforce why we have chosen serious and committed companies," he points out.