About Us


was established in Kyustendil in 2008 by Assen and Stoyan Gogov. BASVULK emerges on the basis of the experience and the resources of the company "BAS", which started its activity as a family business in 1993.

The main activity of the company is import and trade with vulcanization materials and in particular with patches for inner tubes and tires as well as cements for conveyor belts and raw rubber of the Brazilian company VIPAL, which company is one of the leading producers of cold vulcanization materials in the world. At present, BASVULK is the largest distributor of the VIPAL repair line for Europe.

For the time it is in existence, BASVULK has established a distribution network that operates in a way that leads to a continuous increase in sales. The business activity of the company focuses on the maintenance of over 2000 clients in the country and 600 clients in Macedonia. Along with its own transportation, BASVULK has developed partnerships with forwarding companies with whom it has been working for many years.

Since 2008, BASVULK has started importing valves and tools, service equipment for air systems and weights for the balance of tires from leading companies in Europe and Asia.

Over the next two years, the company has taken steps to expand its range with more service tools, valves and tire repair accessories, increasing its Asian partners, and leading European manufacturers starting to import mounting paste, hand cleansing paste, degreasers , sprays for rust, liquid grease, additives for gasoline and diesel and others.

With most of these partners, we have contracts for exclusive representation.

In 2014, BASVULK Ltd. signed a contract for exclusive representation with the Korean company DONG AH TIRE & RUBBER CO., LTD. and has begun to import a full range of high-quality inner butyl tubes for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses, construction and agricultural machinery.

BASVULK offers direct imports; competitive prices and a wide range of products available in stock. There is also a service base where trainings are conducted to perform routine and more specific tire and conveyor repairs within 4 days. Also, every new product goes through this test center. The main goal of the company is to build lasting and loyal relations and to meet the professional needs of its customers with quality products.