Protects against non-aqueous contaminants.



Protects against non-aqueous contaminants


– washable protective agent that supports the skin cleansing process after work

– protects the skin from contaminants such as oils, dust, paints, varnishes, resins, bitumen, etc.

– reduces skin contact with these substances, thanks to its special ingredients

– supports the cleaning process with efficient emulsifiers and very soft and skin-friendly surfactants used in baby products

– in most cases it is not necessary to use detergent after work, as the dirt can be completely washed away

– is not greasy and absorbs easily into the skin


– neutral pH

– contains anti-inflammatory hazelnut extract

– without silicone

– does not contain preservatives and perfumes

– dermatologically tested

Application: apply the product before work, rubbing it into clean and dry skin