Gentle removal of extremely heavy dirt.


– oil-water emulsion

– cleanses the skin in depth, penetrating the pores, restores its natural oiliness and gives it long-lasting protection

– removes stubborn contamination by agents such as oils, soot, bitumen, ink, etc.


– on the basis of raw materials that are dermatologically and toxicologically safe

– contains natural oils and soothing lanolins

– the included water-insoluble, odorless cleaning ingredients help to gently remove dirt

– there is no direct contact between the substances that remove the contamination and the skin

– Surfactants are biodegradable

– does not contain abrasive substances

– without silicone

– dermatologically tested

– proven in many years of practice


– Rub the product (without water) well into dry and dirty hands until the dirt dissolves. Rinse with water and blot with a towel

– cleans in depth without water

– a small amount is needed 3 ml (one dose of the dispenser) is enough to clean the hands completely


– white to pale beige oil-water emulsion in cream-paste

– pH: 7.5-7.9

– Density: approx. 0,87 g/cm3 (20?C)


– can be stored in a closed original box at room temperature for at least 18 months and in tubes – for at least 30 months.

– the content must be consumed within 12 months. after opening

– to be protected from freezing

Packages: tube 200 ml, box 0.5 l, bag 1 l, soft bottle 2 l, box 2.2 l, box 3 l, bucket 10 l, bucket 30 l